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  • All the services related to accounting and bookkeeping
  • Consultation related to QuickBooks
  • Planning and preparation of the taxes
  • Providing business audit services
  • Handling international tax services
  • Transfer pricing
  • Advisory for new businesses
  • Business incorporation services
  • IRS Representation
  • Handling IRS problems
  • Providing business valuation services
  • Assistance related to real estate investments

Tax Services


JC Business Solutions will handle bank reconciliation on behalf of your business. That means, we will make sure that we match the balances of your business’s accounting records for a cash account with the respective information available on a bank statement. Through bank reconciliation, we ascertain potential discrepancies between business account and cash account. In fact, bank reconciliation is mandatory in order to maintain precise financial reports and balance the transactions of the business.

JC Business Solutions is equipped with in-depth knowledge and experience to handle bank reconciliation on behalf of your business. Want to know more about bank reconciliation? Call us now!

Financial Planning


Every business is supposed to prepare income statements and balance sheets either on a quarter or annual basis. These income statements and balance sheets are mandatory for a business when it prepares for the end of the fiscal year.

In fact, balance sheet is the aspect that reveals the actual financial position of your business. So, the preparation of accurate balance sheet and income statement is vital if you need to learn the progress of the past year.

JC Business Solutions is a team of professionals who can do this job to the perfection. Just get in touch with us now for more information.



Financial Analyst is a key role for the success of any business. In fact, the job role of a financial analysis includes aspects like studying market trends, preparation of forecasts, analyzing the financial status of the respective company and utilizing the information that is obtained to create business recommendations. As a general practice, professional financial Analyst are supposed to have majors in areas such as accounting, business or finance. The recommendation of a financial Analyst is exceptionally important for the future steps of a respective business.

If you are looking for the most professional financial Analyst in the industry, contact JC Business Solutions’ Financial Analytic division right now.  



Payroll means the list of employees of a certain company who draws a salary from it. Nevertheless, when it comes to finance, payrolling refers to the process of preparing records related to the earnings of the employees. Through payroll, therefore, the respective business can learn how much each employee has made (or how much the company has paid them).

Payroll systems implemented by JS Business solutions is comprehensive and spotless. Our experts will simplify the system and help improving the productivity of the company. Our effective strategies and experience will help you become a well-organized business. So, call us now and ensure your peace of mind. 

Tools & Resources


Tax preparation can be among the most complex processes of a business operation. The same complexity can apply when it comes to personal income tax as well. In that case, tax preparation is a process that should be handled by a well-experienced professional. Wrongfully prepared tax documents can cause penalties and fines on individuals and businesses. So, taxation requires a well-streamlined process, sophisticated software and in-depth knowledge.

Thankfully, JC Business Solutions is equipped with a highly professional team of taxation experts. These professionals can handle any sort of tax-related issues to the perfection and keep you and your business away from potential troubles.

Contact us now to learn more about our professional service!

Tools & Resources


Accounting is one of those aspects that can create a huge impact on the operation of any business. Without maintaining proper accounts, a business cannot move smoothly. In addition to that, wrongful financial accounts can bring various troubles to the respective business and even cause the business to close down or run at a lost. Also, wrong financial information can make your business pay financial penalties as well. More importantly, well-prepared accounting reports are a way of showing the progress of your business.

JC Business Solutions has a team of well-experienced accountants to address all sort of accounting needs for businesses. Contact us if you need to learn more about our services.